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July 01 2017

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Girl and a fence. Looking tough.

Learning never exhausts the mind.

- Leonardo da Vinci
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March 05 2017

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She looks like she wants to go into the water but doesn't want to go into the water. Know what I mean?

Makes me think about some romance story ideas. What do you think about these?

This story takes place in an outpost on a fog-shrouded planet. In it, a logical farmer goes on a blind date with a CFO who is an outsider. What starts as friendship becomes infatuation.

In this story, a righteous prospector attends a social event and meets a rat-catcher who is given to moments of deep introspection. What starts as a one-night stand unexpectedly turns into a passionate affair - all thanks to a reconciliation.

In this story, a social farmer accidentally runs into a queen with an odd birthmark. What starts as contempt becomes obsessive love - all thanks to the taking of a test. What role will a birthday celebration play in their relationship?

This story starts in an adventurer's guild. In it, an airline pilot who has a demonic connection is fixed up with a dispirited fire fighter. What starts as professional courtesy quickly becomes obsessive love. What role will an intimidation play in their relationship?

In this story, a diabolical jock is fixed up with a smart car salesman. What starts as a professional relationship quickly becomes a passionate affair. What role will someone going to sleep play in their relationship?

In this story, a moralizing official runs into a nimble daycare employee. What starts as contempt unexpectedly turns into true love. Yet, how can a bullying druid tear them apart?
In this story, a fearsome bodyguard falls in love with a composed cab driver.

This story takes place in Monaco City. In it, a grim physicist falls in love with a homely beastmaster.

In this story, a persuasive bounty hunter is in love with an eccentric anthropologist. It seems a rogue will bring them even closer together by collecting mac screenshots.

In this story, a grim police chief crosses paths with a champion on an important journey through space. What starts as confusion soon turns into a passionate affair - all thanks to someone visiting a doctor. It seems someone discovering a report about themselves will bring them even closer together.
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I like how detailed this photo is. Look at all the texture on the model's face. Sure, that might just be too much makeup but wow, it's sharp! She also has beautiful eyes.
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Where do you think this photo was taken? It looks like the American West and specifically Utah. I'm guessing Bryce Canyon. I have no idea why I'm thinking about martial arts as a result of looking at this photograph, but here's a list of really cool names for invented martial arts moves.

Aerial Witty Goddess Cyclone of Gallows
Ancestral Three Enchantments Knee
Arrogant Squirrel Spin of the Whirlwind
Astral Unhappy Destroyer Uppercut
Attack of the Rolling Heart
Barbarian Finger of the Bedlam
Blasphemous Toss of the Lonesome Ant
Boar's Clutch of the One Thousand Grindstones
Chaotic Choke of the Volcanos
Choke of the Blessed Codex
Claw of Transforming Kind Charioteers
Holy Madman Claw of the Knuckles
Madman's Hammer of the Tracing Trench
Mighty Titanic Pose
Mine Hammer of the Diviners
Ninety Queens Pose of Mercies
Pinch of the Sunrise
Press of the Aquatic Ground
Seventeen Arrogant Rats Palm
Stance of Twisted Meteors
Submission of the Queen Helm
Toe of the Fourteen Peaceful Mice
Transforming Combative Bandit Snap of Crowns
Twist of the Pious Drunks
Unpredictable Seven Grooms Clutch

"Chaotic Choke of the Volcanos." LOL. That would be a totally awesome martial arts move.
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I really like this chair. I could stare at it for hours.
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Be part of the jet set.
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