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July 28 2019

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Water from the ocean meets the black sand of the beach.
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Waves lapping at the beach on a dreamy day.

July 01 2017

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Behold the mighty whale!
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Droplets of rain form on the window pane.

Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.

- William Blake
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Ripples in the lake on a quiet early morning.

The only journey is the one within.

- Rainer Maria Rilke
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Bird's eye view of water crashing against the rocks.

There is nothing permanent except change.
- Heraclitus

March 05 2017

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She looks like she wants to go into the water but doesn't want to go into the water. Know what I mean?

Makes me think about some romance story ideas. What do you think about these?

This story takes place in an outpost on a fog-shrouded planet. In it, a logical farmer goes on a blind date with a CFO who is an outsider. What starts as friendship becomes infatuation.

In this story, a righteous prospector attends a social event and meets a rat-catcher who is given to moments of deep introspection. What starts as a one-night stand unexpectedly turns into a passionate affair - all thanks to a reconciliation.

In this story, a social farmer accidentally runs into a queen with an odd birthmark. What starts as contempt becomes obsessive love - all thanks to the taking of a test. What role will a birthday celebration play in their relationship?

This story starts in an adventurer's guild. In it, an airline pilot who has a demonic connection is fixed up with a dispirited fire fighter. What starts as professional courtesy quickly becomes obsessive love. What role will an intimidation play in their relationship?

In this story, a diabolical jock is fixed up with a smart car salesman. What starts as a professional relationship quickly becomes a passionate affair. What role will someone going to sleep play in their relationship?

In this story, a moralizing official runs into a nimble daycare employee. What starts as contempt unexpectedly turns into true love. Yet, how can a bullying druid tear them apart?
In this story, a fearsome bodyguard falls in love with a composed cab driver.

This story takes place in Monaco City. In it, a grim physicist falls in love with a homely beastmaster.

In this story, a persuasive bounty hunter is in love with an eccentric anthropologist. It seems a rogue will bring them even closer together by collecting mac screenshots.

In this story, a grim police chief crosses paths with a champion on an important journey through space. What starts as confusion soon turns into a passionate affair - all thanks to someone visiting a doctor. It seems someone discovering a report about themselves will bring them even closer together.
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